So Who Are We?


We really are lucky living here in New Zealand. “Godzone” is a country that is hard to beat and our fishing offers some of the best you can get.

FISHING IN GODZONE was launched over summer in 2015 to give Kiwis a quality magazine that is published quarterly. We aim to give the readers more stories, better tips and information for you to enjoy and help you with your fishing.

** Godzone is now bi-monthly – starting with the Jan/Feb 2018 issue!

We have a great team of writers who have come on board to help provide fresh content and share their experiences from around Godzone. They are passionate fishermen and hunters.

Hunting is another activity enjoyed by many fishermen. Kiwis love of the outdoors, adventures and putting a good meal on the table are the reasons so many fish and hunt. So we have introduced a hunting section in the magazine too.

Whenever you head out on the sea or tramp into the hills, take care out there.

Good fishing and safe hunting.

Mathew Hewetson

Editor At Large