Going Shallow Works

Godzone has a huge coastline made up of rugged rocky shores, towering cliffs and long sandy beaches scattered with harbours, estuaries and river mouths. Accordingly, all of these shorelines are home to a multitude of species of shell fish, crustaceans and bait fish making them the perfect place to find something all fishermen love…. big fish in shallow water!

By Johnny Pearce

Perhaps it comes from my roots of fishing from the rocks, but I love fishing the “shallows”. At certain times of the year some the best fishing in Godzone can be found in what I would term shallow water, usually less then 15m deep. Pretty much all of Godzone’s sport and best food fish can be caught in shallow water from our iconic snapper, kahawai and kingfish, to great table fish such as flounder and butterfish.  Fishing in shallow water has three distinct advantages; it is easily accessible for nearly all kiwis from the shore, in a small boat or kayak. It is seriously fun because fish fight that much harder and dirtier in shallow water. And finally if you do catch a huge fish it can safely be released as shallow water fish rarely or almost never suffer from barotrauma.

My two favourite fishing techniques, straylining and soft baiting, work particularly well in shallow water and although these topics have covered a lot before, I will offer some tips on how to be successful in the shallows.

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