Beating The Winter Blues

Over the years I have come to enjoy winter fishing a whole lot more. For some reason it just doesn’t seem as cold and miserable as what my brain tells me it’s going to be as I clamour out of bed and stumble around in the dark, looking for my fishing rods.

Dressing for the conditions is essential, if I am beach launching I will wear a pair of wetsuit leggings and neoprene boots. I get wet but don’t stay cold. Sometimes I take a pair of socks and shoes to change into later. I haven’t felt the need for gloves but, depending on where in the country you go fishing, they can be an asset as you drive in an open boat with no protection from wind chill. Some people (especially dads that don’t care what they look like) will break out the balaclava and fish in comfort instead of shivering while waiting for a bite.

I have spent some mornings on the water in a kayak when the mercury was around 0 degrees and the cooling effect was a lot more pronounced than fishing out of a boat, despite some heavy insulation. Several snapper up to 5kg was the rewarding result.


Is winter fishing gear the same as summer gear? I find that there are plenty of times when the same gear works, but I like to take a light weight set with me just in case as I find it can fill the fish bag. I don’t need many excuses to buy a new outfit, at the very least, buying a new spool for a lighter weight braid could be a good investment to try.

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