Mule Side X Side

The opening weekend for duck shooting is an eagerly anticipated event and this year the usual excitement went up a few levels as we had the use of the new Kawasaki Mule PRO FXR Side by Side to help us get to our hunting areas and head down the beach surfcasting.

Each year in early May I head up to Glinks Gully on Ripiro Beach, off the west coast of Dargaville to stay at a family friends bach for duck shooting.  The lake we shoot on is only a kilometre up the road and we also have access on a couple of other farms where we can hunt for pheasants and ducks.

Glinks is a great place on the wild west coast and one of my favourite places for fishing and hunting in Godzone. It provides everything for the keen outdoors enthusiast along the vast, unspoilt coastline.  The playground offers fantastic duck, pheasant and quail hunting along with exceptional surfcasting and boat fishing, when the sea conditions allow to launch off the beach.

To make the most of this area, it’s crucial to have a 4×4 vehicle to get you down the beach and access the farms to explore it.  Driving the longest beach in Godzone is part of the attraction and with a capable off-road vehicle, it becomes an adventure.

This year we took up the new side by side released by Kawasaki, the Mule PRO FXR to use in the outdoors.  This rugged work horse is designed for work and play, Kawasaki have been making side by side vehicles for 30 years and they currently have 8 different models to suit all applications and budgets.  Starting with the Mule SX (2×4) from $11,648+ to their top end Mule Pro DXT Six-Seater at $25,213+gst.

Side by side’s popularity have increased dramatically over the past few years as a better and safer option than quad bikes, which were so long the chosen vehicle for Kiwi farmers, hunters and fishermen.  With the number of quad bike accidents reaching all-time highs, the move to use side by sides with their increased comfort, seating, cargo space and of course safety is the key driver.

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