Adopt A New Approach

Spring is good. Especially when the work-ups in the Hauraki Gulf can be found and everything has come out of winter sleepiness. The annoying thing is that the water temperature doesn’t always reflect the air temperature in the early phases of the season so while you’re slapping on sun tan lotion, the fish may not be in the same frame of mind for feeding. They will of course have their time in the day where they do eat, but there can be a lag between what’s happening above and below the water, activity wise.

A new season and a New Year approaching can be a good time to try a new approach to fishing. If you are predominantly a bait fisher that hangs around reefs slinging smelly bombs over the side, maybe it’s time to reconsider lure fishing. If you already have an outfit with 4-8kg braid, it could be utilised for a try at bouncing and drifting some slow jigs or heavy soft baits over less foul ground.

Hauraki Gulf anglers will be familiar with the lack of heavy structure (bar islands of course) between Coromandel and Leigh, and the general safety of expensive lures not getting snagged and lost when drifting along. Outside the Hauraki Gulf (think Doubtless Bay or Bay of Plenty) there are often expanses of flat sea floor with broken, but not rough foul that can hold fish and still be forgiving on such gear.