There is something about kingfish that always seems to draw me back for more. They are challenging to land, fight dirty, can be extremely fussy but, will help you to refine and alter your angling techniques to successfully land one of these incredible fish.


Yellowtail kingfish are widely distributed across Godzone and international waters, with our southern species growing to be some of the largest in the world.  They are very structure orientated and are actually easy to find when you know what to look for. Many Kiwi hotspots for kingfish are well-known and not that secret. Pinnacles and reef systems around the Alderman’s, Mayor, Motiti, White Island, the Mokohinau Islands and many others all hold kingfish during different times throughout the year. You can also find them in estuaries and harbors where the water is less than a metre, and back out all the way to offshore pinnacles and reefs that are as deep as 200m.

Because of this they are available for almost every recreational angler to have a shot at. During the colder months we tend to target them in shallower and this helps to avoid the ‘rats’ that are often present in our inshore waters over summertime. Although it can be challenging fishing during this time of the year, adjusting techniques and making small changes to your standard rigs can often result in big rewards.

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